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where is my india?

In india, Trending Now, Trends - India, Trends - Worldwide on December 24, 2012 at 19:15

The brutal crime that happened last week(i would not even state it here), anybody reading this knows!; has had lots of publicity generated possibly for all the right reasons. eminent activists have come on the road to join students, youth of the nation, politicians across the spectrum are supporting the cause. Delhi police is under serious fire, constables are being suspended. TV stings are being aired every day highlighting the inadequacy of police and judiciary. GOI is under pressure to resolve the case, put out a special parliamentary session and get a law written. People have surrounded the presidential palace/india gate – though they should have gone to the parliament instead as that’s the place where the laws are made. Not at a titular head’s home. anyways youth are shown to be angry and demanding strict action. Ofcourse protests have turned violent which as always happens is the final outcome in india.  in all this chaos and commotion ofcourse the vicitm / survivor has been forgotten.

one more extremely important factor has been not even discussed – the state of mind . the state of mind of not the rapist, but also the common people. the state of mind of a guy who has been brought up assuming he is the sole hope of mankind on this earth. every man has been assumed as the rightful heir of everything good in indian homes(across north & south, east & west). for all those in bombay & bangalore, madras & calcutta don’t even assume that you guys are somewhat different than delhi men. there are enough rapes/molestation cases in every corner. also there are enough masochists/sadists/male chauvinists across the great bharat! what can you expect from a society that adores macho men – salman khan & narendra modi come to mind! little men who claim to be macho but would shit in their pants if really asked to serve on border.

the mentality of men and educated or rather just literate men. those who think women are the dirt on their shoes, they cant be caught by the law. but they need to be taught by the law and by parents. here’s a perfect example of what men are on the streets of india:



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